True 2 Door Freezer : Ge 16.6 Cu Ft Top Freezer Refrigerator.

True 2 Door Freezer

true 2 door freezer

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true 2 door freezer - True Refrigeration

True Refrigeration - Commercial Freezer - Two (2) Door - All Stainless Steel - 54" Wide - 49 Cu. Ft. - TS-49F

True Refrigeration - Commercial Freezer - Two (2) Door - All Stainless Steel - 54" Wide - 49 Cu. Ft. - TS-49F

True Refrigeration - Commercial Freezer - Two (2) Door - All Stainless Steel - 54" Wide - 49 Cu. Ft. - TS-49F See below for Demo Video Stainless Steel Doors and Front Bottom Mount Compressor: Positioned to save time. Compressor runs in coolest and most grease free area of the kitchen. Allows for storage area on top of reach-in These solid door units were made to out perform the common units and will hold ice cream. Standard lock per door, bottom mount condensing unit. Temp. gauge and totally sealed cabinet for easy cleaning on all models. 3 Shelves Per Door. All Units are 29-1/2"D. 1 and 2 Door Units are 78-1/4"H. 3 Door Units are 79-1/4"H. Casters included in price. (Add 5-1/4" for casters) All units are 115 volts except for three (3) door freezers; they require 115/208-230 4 wire. All Stainless Steel Unit 300 series stainless steel interior/exterior (including a finished back side). The industry's premier stainless steel offers a higher tensile strength which means fewer dents, scratches and is rust free. Refrigerators have 134A refrigerant. All refrigeration should be plugged in-to a clean 20 amp circuit. Consult the installation manual. Dimension: 54" Wide x 29-1/2" Deep x 78-1/4" High (Add 5-1/4" for casters) Electrical: 120 Volts / See Grid Below Warranty: One Year Parts and Labor with 5 Years on Compressor

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true 2 door freezer

true 2 door freezer

True Ta Spec Series 2-swing Door Roll-in Freezer, 75 Cubic Foot - TA2FRI-2S

True ta spec series 2-swing door roll-in freezer, 75 cubic foot the true swing door roll-in freezers are designed with the highest quality materials and parts that provide colder temperatures, lower utility costs, and food safety. true uses 300 stainless steel, the finest available, for fewer scratches and dents. this refrigerator holds temperatures to -10°f for the best food preservation. the doors are self-closing with a 120° stay open feature and there is a lifetime guarantee on the door hinges and recessed door handles. the automatic defrost system is time-initiated and temperature-terminated to save energy. width: 68" depth: 34-1/2" height: 83-3/4" weight: 754 lbs 75 cubic feet 1-1/5 hp 8 amps 300 series stainless steel nsf-7 compliant ecomate insulation zero ozone depletion (odp), zero global warming potential (gwp) refrigeration system holds temperature at -10°f or less 2 self-closing doors 120° stay open feature unit is pre-wired for 115/60/1 phase 20 amp outlet 5 year condenser warranty door lock standard made in the usa model #: ta2fri-2s 865083

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