Upright Or Chest Freezer

upright or chest freezer

  • a piano with a vertical sounding board

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Chest Freezer. Suitable for a range of dead meat.

Chest Freezer. Suitable for a range of dead meat.

Measuring approximately 33” x 28” x 22”, this fine example of a chest freezer will fit a range of large meat cuts including ribs, shoulders and legs. Originating from my butcher’s store, Vinnie’s Chop Shop Ltd, I’d say the item is suitable for a family of four, at least it has been for the past six months. In good working order, I’m merely upgrading to something a little bigger after a recent, and rather messy, disagreement with some neighbors. Due to a complication with my usual drop-off guy, R.I.P, this item can only be delivered within the London area, or can be collected from my East London business associate Frazier the Freeze.

Upright Piano, with a light dusting of leaves

Upright Piano, with a light dusting of leaves

I unexpectedly came across about 8 upright pianos round the back of Sunningdale Park hotel. Some were semi-protected under tarpaulin, others had been dismembered and left to rust.

upright or chest freezer

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